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6/18/2007-East Texas

2 East Texas Senators On Texas Monthly Best Legislators

Coming to your local news stand. Texas Monthly has named the state's best lawmakers of 2007, and two East Texans are on the list.

The magazine has singled out State Senators Kevin Eltife and Bob Deuell for their work in the latest legislative session. This list is more than just a popularity contest.

Editors at Texas Monthly say the list's aim isn't to make an impact but to inform voters. One reason East Texas Senators Eltife and Deuell are proud to be included. 

"I really don't feel like Im any more special than the rest of them but I appreciate the honor," sais Senator Deuell.

Both have problem solving characteristics. Deuell pushed many high profile bills through the Senate inculding the budget, 'The Needle Bill' and his own bill "Jessica's Law."

"I try not to worry about re-election I always felt like if you did what you thought was right the voters would understand," Senator Deuell told KLTV, "You really have to think about representing your district and not worrying about political consuequences and worrying policy consequences and how legislation affects people."

District One Senator Eltife received Best Honorable Mention.

"I'm not making decisions on political polls or what is popular. I am going to do what I think is best," said Senator Eltife.

The article describes Eltife as tough, pragmatic, and independent.

Although he has only been in two sessions he has made a name for himself. Back in the end of February Senator Eltife made national news with his intense dialogue with the heath commissioner. He says his bottom line is doing what he thinks is right, despite politics or party lines.

"We should go to Austin to solve problems. There are real problems in the state of Texas we are sent there every two years for a 140 days to solve problems. People don't want us fighting with each other," said Senator Eltife.

On the flip side, Governor Rick Perry, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, and House Speaker craddick were put in the magazine's worst list. Senators Eltife and Deuell told KTLV it probably stems from their lack of communication.

"I hate to see him spending our tax dollars not accomplishing something. When they know what the problems are. When they are just too concerned whether they are going to get re-elected or not?" said Lynn Johnson, an East Texas Voter.

The queistion running through many minds what can be done about it?

"The voters have the final say if they are sick and tired of it they can kick people out of office," said Senator Eltife.

For now, the legislators are focused on making the next session more productive than the last one.

The Texas Monthly July issue should hit stands next week.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com

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