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Rain Damages Dozens Of East Texas Roads

  Authorities say the power of rushing water washed out dozen of roads in Upshur county over the weekend. More than 30 roads were reported damaged or washed-out in Upshur county after Saturday's thunderous downpours. Repair crews were forced to move massive amounts of earth and equipment to make the roads passable again.

     "I've seen more holes in the road since Saturday than I ever have seen and I'm 60 years old" said Upshur County Roads and Bridge Department worker Lloyd Walton.

The county roads can't just be shut down, many of them are residential and well traveled, so they do the only thing they can do.  They re-enforce the washed out roads with steel culverts. Roads off of Juniper and Locust roads,  near Big Sandy,  were weakened by water washing away the soil, destroying the roads, washing huge chunks of it away, and causing area residents to try to find other ways out.

   "It was scary.  And the road being washed out-we were trapped. There was no way into the front. No way out through the back road," said Juniper road homeowner Susan Fox.

    But news that more heavy rain could be on the way had crews rushing to make repairs.  Hoping their work will hold and residents won't be trapped by more high water.

   "We're  going to  get it done as quick as we can with what we got to do it with," Walton said.

   Upshur Road and Bridge workers say it could take a week to repair all the roads that were washed out or damaged.

Reported By: Bob Hallmark; bhallmark@kltv.com

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