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Proud Of East Texas: Miars Egyptian Ranch

The Egyptian Arabian horse has captured mankind for centuries with its beauty, intelligence, and stamina.  But you don't have to go to Egypt to see this incredible breed because some of the finest live right here in East Texas.

At Bob Miars Egyptian Ranch near Athens, are found some of the finest Egyptian Arabians in the world.

Egyptian Arabian horses are an ancient breed descending from war horses bred by the Pharaohs.  Egyptian kings who established royal stables gathered the finest of these horses for breeding and established a stud book from which all modern Egyptian Arabians have descended.

Early in the 20th century, the royal stables were broken up and the horses sold.  Some of the best bloodlines ended up in America and buyers from the Middle East have been trying to buy them back ever since.

Miars has only been in business six years but has already won top championships.  He says the thrill of owning Egyptian Arabians is in breeding and preserving the heritage of these "Horses Of The Pharaohs."

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.


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