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Longview Soldier Home For Father's Day

A perfect father's day gift in Longview, as a son comes home from his second tour in Iraq.  At 21, Army Specialist Joe Jordan has already spent two tours in Iraq.

"We just stay strong work with each other pretty much lean on each other when we need it, just live day to day," said Jordan.

Christmas 2004 he surprised his family with a trip home and he did it again yesterday for Father's day.  "We're on the plane and the stewardess says, 'Oh you're home for Fathers day.' And everybody was like, 'Oh, it is Fathers day,'" he said.

 "This was just the icing on the cake, a surprise I couldn't expect.  We were hoping just for him to get home to visit with us a little bit but for it to happen on Fathers day is just icing on the cake," said his father Joe Sr.

The soft spoken-soldier has seen his share of fighting on the front lines:  27 members of his unit have fallen in combat since October.  That is why it came as a surprise when, with his army commitment coming to an end, he re-enlisted.

"Wherever they send me I'll do it to the best of my ability," said Jordan.

"We were surprised.  I knew that he was having to he needed to make a lot of decisions, but I'm proud of him for doing that," said his mother Leslie Jordan.

"He speaks with confidence.  He definitely has a purpose and his re-enlistment is a continuation of that purpose.  I couldn't be any prouder of him," said Joe senior.

As part of re-enlisting, he'll take a new duty station in Italy, after finishing his tour in Iraq.  He, like his comrades remain committed to doing a job until it's finished.

"Just don't forget us and remember that we're doing what we're told to do," he said.

"While he's over there fighting them they're there, they're not over here fighting us.  I'm proud of him," said his father.

Jordan is on leave for two weeks.  He will go back to finish his tour in Iraq, then take his new duty station in Italy in December. 

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.  bhallmark@kltv.com


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