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Special Father's Day For One Dad

Father's Day is a day dedicated for all children young and old to honor and bless the fathers in our lives. One East Texas father received a very special gift.

"Honey do I jump in the car with my pajamas on or can I take a shower?" asked Derek Stewart early Sunday morning when his wife Jennifer announced it was about time to head to the hospital.

"Had this baby at 8:51. She came fast and furious they barely got me in my room. Poor epidural man couldn't come see me," proud mother Jennifer Stewart told KLTV.  "It was a fast, frantic morning that we weren't intending on having on Father's Day."

What a Father's day present: 6lb. 11oz. Hannah Faith Stewart.  "I don't remember my first Father's Day but I will remember this one," said Derek.  "Anytime you can get a blessing like this on Father's Day it definitely imprints it on your mind. When she came and I saw her, it's funny how when they come, the love comes with them."

Four years ago Derek and Jennifer became parents with Sarah.  "We snap our fingers and our first one is nearly four years," said Derek.

The Stewarts say they are focusing on spending time with their children.

"There are other important things in life like a job and what not.  Nothing is as important as investing in your children and your family," said Derek.

"You think how in the world do I have room in my heart for anything else? You wrestle with your feelings," Derek told KLTV about being a father.  "It's just like something magical just cuts right through there she's there and she's got this spot. She just got this perfect little place that was almost created when she came."

"He actually got the best Fathers Day gift he could get.  A new born baby girl," said Jennifer.

After all any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be called dad.

The Stewarts say they aren't sure if any more children are on the horizon but are just treasuring the time with their two children.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@ktlv.com


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