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5th Street Vandalism String

A string of criminal mischief incidents occurred early Saturday morning in Tyler.  It happened in the 1900 Block of East Fifth St.  Tyler Police were called out around 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning. Vandals had hit a string of places along 5th.  They first hit Nicki's, then McKains Auto Body.

"This is my cash register. They took it and trashed it," said David Mary, Owner of Wienerland the next place that was hit.  "My alarm clock, time clock, security surveillance, alarm system."

Officials say the vandals then went to Weinerland destroying everything inside.  "This is where they busted the window out.  They took everything, took my cash register it was thrown on the floor, all the drawers were thrown.  Random, senseless violence there is no rhyme or reason to it they didn't take anything other than a box of cookie dough and some kids toys," said Mary.

They destroyed everything they then continued on to the Boy Scouts of East Texas.  "Our storage building facility the window got broken the door lock broke, exposing the contents," said Mike Ballew with the Boy Scouts of East Texas.

Their building is the center for all seventeen counties in East Texas serving all 14,000 youth boy scouts.  "We've have some serious vandalism.  Being a non profit it is a problem.  We hope to get these things repaired quickly and get back to operation," said Ballew.  "It's a sad state that people out there feel like this is a fun thing to do. I just hope they get caught."

"Right now looking like the end of the school year.  These things look more like juveniles than they do an adults.  Adults usually go in with a purpose obtain something they get for money and they leave," said Tyler Police Sgt. Bill Goecking.

"My heart just sinks Weinerland is not just my business it is my family.  It is part of the Tyler community.  It just breaks my heart that someone would come in here and trash this place for no reason at all. It is just a stupid, senseless crime," said Mary.

Tyler Police ask if anyone saw or knows anything of this crime to please call them.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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