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Car Bomb Set To Explode When Ignition Turned On

      ATF agents were called to a Kilgore business, Friday, where they confirmed that someone had wired a truck to blow up on ignition.  The 60 year old Hawkins native heard a pop when he turned his key to his truck this morning, then drove to work like any other day.

    "Had this device functioned as it was designed we feel pretty confident the individual would have been killed" said lead ATF agent Clay Alexander.

     Then the man noticed something unusual hanging under his truck. Agents say the bomb was wired to the trucks ignition, set to blow up when the truck was started, but failed to totally detonate. The bomb was still live when agents arrived, so it was with a certain amount of risk that agents worked to defuse the bomb. ATF agents removed the live 16- inch partially detonated pipe- bomb.

   "Whoever did this new what they were doing and took the time to do it. They had to get inside the engine compartment they had to wire the device on the frame of the vehicle under the drivers side , it's much more complex than we normally see and causes us great concern," Alexander says.

       But the man targeted with the bomb, wouldn't have been the only victim.

   "I've got children that go to school near here and there's pipe bombs underneath vehicles. I mean who's doing this?" said area resident Harold Russell.

    This motorist was lucky, this time.

   "Someone doesn't drive down the road, spot a vehicle and decide that they're going to spend this much time this much effort to cause the vehicle harm. Obviously this individual was targeted and we need to know why and by whom" says Alexander.

 Agents now have to find the person responsible,  before luck runs out. No arrests have been made, and the victim's identity is being protected at this time. The bomb was sent to a California lab for examination.

Reported by Bob Hallmark; .

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