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The Perfect Father's Day Gift: More Quality Time

As a full time car salesman, Jeff Galloway has a job with incredibly demanding hours.

"There is no typical work week.  If a customer calls, and we're getting off at 7 o'clock, then, we might be up here until 10 o'clock," says Galloway.

It's not uncommon for him to spend 70 hours at work each week, leaving precious little time for his wife and seven children.

"We don't get to make the baseball games, you know? We try, but we don't get to make them, and it's a very guilty feeling," says Galloway.

A new survey reveals 27% of men work 50+ hours/week, and 25% only see their children one hour a day. 37% say they'd quit their jobs if their spouse could support the family, and 38% would take a pay cut for more at home.

If that's not an option, here are some tips to stay connected:

Keep in touch during the workday.
Ask your boss about a kid-friendly potluck lunch one Friday.
Give your family undivided attention at home.
Keep one calender for business and family so you make important events.
Make time for the family by planning weekly outings with your children and spouse.

As the father of three grown children, Harlan Wiese says family should always come first.

"I would never want to be considered a success in my business life before being a success as a husband and a father."

So, rather than an expensive gadget or another boring tie, why not set aside some quality time with dad.  It could be the very gift he wants, and it doesn't cost a thing.

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