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City Bans Smoking In Public Places

Another East Texas city has decided to ban smoking from its public places.  Thursday night Marshall City Commissioners unanimously voted to pass an ordinance banning smoking inside public buildings and within 30 feet of an entrance. Commissioners say it's all part of looking out for public health, but some local businesses fear a drop in their sales. The owner of one local truck stop says it will hurt his business.

Elvis Valle, owner of the Pony Express Truck Stop, says, "in the morning, my front section is my smoking part, all of this is full with smokers I mean maybe two people that are up here don't have a pack of cigarettes next to them and the back section, my non-smoking part, you won't even see anybody back there in the morning."

Mike McMurry, District 6 Commissioner, says, "I understand where they're coming from, but at the same time when you get into the public realm that is accessible by the masses, there's a different set of rules that apply, we're not impacting what people can do at home, in their own private residences, but when you open up your business to public access then it's a different story."

Marshall was the only city between Longview and Shreveport, along the 1-20 corridor, that still allowed smoking in public places.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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