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Rusk Officer Apparently Takes Own Life

       A sheriff's department, plagued by internal investigations and indictments, has another tragic incident.   A longtime Rusk county lieutenant apparently commits suicide inside his office. Investigators say 56 year old Lieutenant Fred Dunlap quietly walked into the Rusk county sheriffs office uniform closet around 6:30 this morning and apparently shot himself once in the chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

     Head of the patrol division and a veteran of over 20 years, investigators are trying to piece together what lead up to today's tragedy.   We've learned from authorities, a lengthy suicide note was found, addressed to his wife. It apparently indicated Dunlap was concerned about information he had concerning the investigation of fellow officers. However, authorities say Dunlap was not part of the investigation.

      "There have been questions, if the lieutenant was involved in an ongoing investigation conducted by the F.B.I. the answer to that question is no. He is and was not involved in that. There's no logical explanation. I've talked with his widow and told her to ask all the questions she could think of, but right now she's looking for answers. we're looking for answers." said case lead investigator Detective William Brown of the Rusk county district attorneys office.

     Many in the Henderson police department have known and worked with dunlap for a long time. Today we were told he was a good natured man with a constant sense of humor. That he never gave any indication that anything troubled him.

   "...I can't believe this is such a shock. It's such a shock that something like this has happened, because I would never believe that he would do something like this and leave us he's truly just full of life." said longtime friend, Lieutenant Paul Duncan of the Henderson police department.

    The Rusk county D.A., Texas Rangers and Henderson police are investigating the incident. The body has been sent for autopsy. Funeral services are pending at Rader funeral home in Henderson.

Reported By Bob Hallmark;  

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