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Starving Dogs Left For Dead

Six dogs were found abandoned at an East Texas home, believed to be left for dead. Wednesday afternoon authorities arrested 36 year old Gary Woods of Jacksonville .  He is charged with five counts of animal cruelty. The dogs were found in Jacksonville in the 200 Block of Dorothy Street.  The dogs were left malnourished, some only skin and bones.

"It just tears at your heart that anybody could allow an animal to get to this situation," said Animal Control Officer Suzie Clements. "It couldn't even get up and walk it had no muscle tone and it was so weak. I was really concerned about it, whether it was actually going to make it."

Clements removed the dogs from their home after Jacksonville Police received a call from a concerned neighbor.

The dogs were left in separate pens or chained up. They had green water and moldy food. Some were even diseased.

"All three of the adult animals and the puppies are just as friendly as possible. There is no reason they should have gotten to the condition they were in other than the owner just didn't care about them," said Angela Wallace, Klein Animal Shelter.

Police say Mr. Woods water and electricity had been turned off. He'd been staying with his mother for the past two weeks, but he left the dogs behind.

Authorities say the neighbors had been feeding the dogs but had run out of money.

Jacksonville Police have charged Woods with five counts of cruelty to animals. He was booked in jail, bond has not been set.

The dogs are being nursed back to life at the Klein Animal Shelter.

"With their care and the love that they are giving them they are doing real good," said Clements. "The ultimate outcome would be for them to find a good loving home all six dogs will be available for adoption once they are healthy."

Call the Klein Animal Shelter at (903) 586-7336 in Jacksonville if you are interested in helping.

Danielle Capper, reporting,


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