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06/14/07-Smith County & Longview

Supermarket Shut Down For Violations, Other Restaurants Make List of Low Performers

LA MICHOACANA at 310 N. BECKHAM in TYLER was Inspected May 30.    There were problems with proper cooling of cooked food. Also, improper cold holding temperatures were noted, and foods not held hot enough.  All could make someone sick.  In addition, there were raw meats stored over foods ready for customers to eat.  That's a contamination risk.  Several sinks were either not accessible or in bad repair, and many flies were at the dumpster area.  Plus... many food surfaces were not clean.  


La Michoacana was given a 48-hour notice to correct the violations. When inspectors came back, there were still many problems.  Including a roach infestation in the bakery not noted on the previous inspection.  

La Michoacana's total demerits on that day, June 4th, 19, and the permit to serve food was suspended.  It took until June 7 th for enough problems to be corrected for the permit to be re-instated.

BERNARD MEDITERRANEAN RESTAURANT at 212 GRANDE BLVD. in TYLER was inspected May 23.    The inspector saw problems with handwashing in the kitchen, and hot water was not working at a kitchen handsink.  Raw fish was stored over lettuce, lemons, and tomatoes. That's a contamination danger.  Infant roaches were seen in a dry storage area.  And a can opener and utensils needed cleaning.   


MAMA MOOSE DELI at 2718 GILMER ROAD in LONGVIEW was inspected May 30.  Improper cooling procedure of cooked foods.  Cold foods, including banana pudding, were not kept at proper temperature, as were hot foods there too.


CASA OLE at 410 WEST LOOP 281 in LONGVIEW was inspected June 8.  Improper cooling of cooked and prepared foods was noted and cold foods were not maintained at proper temperatures. Hot foods were also not hot enough.


HUPEI at 421 NORTH SPUR 63 in LONGVIEW was inspected June 7.  Cold foods were out of compliant temperature, and hot foods were also a problem.  There were also hygienic violations among employees.  


TELE'S MEXICAN RESTAURANT at 212 EAST MARSHALL AVE. in LONGVIEW was inspected May 29.  Cold foods weren't held to the temperature standard.  The inspector noted hygienic problems with workers.  There were also inadequate water supplies... hot and cold. 


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