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"Black Rifles" Hot Sellers At East Texas Gun Shops

   It's a seasonally slow time for gun sales at George's in Longview, but some models are selling well, semi-automatic M-16s, Russian made AK-47s, and AR-15's

    "They're cheap to shoot easy they're very reliable so people like them a lot of people use them for collecting, there's an unlimited number of accessories and items you can put on them" said Longview gunsmith Cory Clotz.

     Versatile and durable, the weapons, sometimes called "black guns" because of the machined black components, are being purchased by some who fear new legislation, or a new administration in 2009, might make them hard to get.

    "I really am concerned that would be a first step to trying to control all handguns and rifles and I'm against it" said Longview gun owner Don Raiford.

    A New York Times article reports sales of these black rifles is soaring nationwide, because of fears of future restriction. 2nd Amendment supporters feel restricting ownership of these rifles would create a worse problem.

   "Several years ago, they did have restrictions on certain weapons and have since lifted, and at that time, prices sky rocketed and people left the legitimate market and went to the secondary market to find the weapons" said Raiford.

     In Washington today, the House passed a bill to close loopholes that would allow convicted criminals or people deemed mentally ill to own firearms.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com

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