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Tree Dispute Between Cascades & City of Tyler

It's a fight between the City of Tyler and a multi-million dollar construction project.

Right now, the Cascades development in Tyler is in the middle of $160 million of construction, already building a Golf and Lakeshore Community.

But there's a problem, and it's over 16 acres. 

"This is Lake Bellwood. Our agreement with the city was bringing that back to it's original state," said Steve Braley, President of Cascades Properties.

Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber said, "The Cascades development has entered city property and has cut down trees on about 16 acres that is an undisputed fact."

Sixteen acres of land next to the lake. But whose land is it?

Mr. Braley says the Cascades had an agreement with the city to extend the lake all the way to entrance road.  Some land is the city's, some is the Cascades, and some belongs to a third party.

"We are still a little bit in the dark as to what their concerns are," said Mr. Braley, "It is clear to us as to whose land is whose and that we cut down some trees on our property. I'm unaware of cutting down any trees on the city's property."

Wednesday morning the City Council considered taking legal action against The Cascades, but decided to wait. Instead, they requested additional information and will seek outside council. 

"We will continue to communicate with The Cascades about what has happened and what has been done and ask them for any possible justification for entering city property and cutting down our trees," said Mayor Seeber.

"The City of Tyler is viewed as a partner by us and we are anxious to find out what is going on," said Mr. Braley.

With millions in revenue at stake, both sides hope this dispute will be settled, and settled soon.

Late Wednesday afternoon KTLV learned the City of Tyler has asked The Cascades to meet with them in the next few weeks to discuss the issue. We will be sure to follow this story and bring you the latest.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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