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06/13/07-Panola County

Five Year Old Locked In Mobile Home Bathroom

Story and pictures provided by: KSLA Story and pictures provided by: KSLA

 Panola County Investigators say a five year old boy spent all day Monday locked up in the bathroom of a mobile home alone, with no air condition. "He appeared to be hungry and thirsty" said Chief Deputy David Jeter with the Panola County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies were called out to the house Monday afternoon from a concerned neighbor. When investigators entered the home they found the boy locked in the bathroom, the door held closed with a rope. Twenty-seven year old Juan Hernandez, the boy's stepdad, and twenty year old Evarista Campos, the boy's mother, were arrested after they arrived back at the home with two other children. All three children were taken into custody.

The parents are now charged with child endangermeant. Hernandez faces an additional charge of injury to a child. "He had some large bruises on his head all about his body, and some bite marks," says Jeter. Investigators believe the boy's only source of drinking water that day was the toilet. He was taken to East Texas Medical Center for treatment. While being treated deputies brought the youngster a Happy Meal from McDonalds.

Chief Jeter says the five year old continuously smiled even when the nurse came in the room to take his blood. "We stayed with these children all morning, CPS took custody of them and moved them to a foster family," says Jeter. The parents are expected to face criminal charges in Panola County, then face being deported back to Mexico without their children.

Story, video and Pictures Courtesy KSLA

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