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Hospital Gets New Cardiac Technology

New state of the art technology at an East Texas hospital saves times while saving lives. Longview Regional Medical Center now has three new "Triage MeterPlus" devices. They are  telephone-sized machines that can tell a nurse if a patient is suffering from a heart attack in just 15 minutes. That process used to take the hospital 45 minutes, sometimes hours, but now, a nurse just takes a blood sample, puts it on a test strip and sticks the strip into the machine.  A print out receipt tells the nurse if the patient is experiencing chest pain from a heart attack or something else like indigestion.

Dr. Moyne Kornman, the Medical Director of Laboratory Services at LRMC says, "Time is precious when we're talking about heart attack because the heart can further damage itself within minutes so we can save those precious minutes, we can save the person, not only their life, but any kind of damage to the heart if you can alter that right away."

The hospital says what makes the device so incredible is that it's right by the patient's bedside so workers no longer have to transport the blood sample to the laboratory.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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