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Soldier Returns For Two Weeks R & R

An East Texas soldier, who's been in the thick of the fight in Iraq is home for two weeks of R & R. Since his return Torrence Montgomery has been surrounded by his family and friends. They have been asking him questions about his time there. But more than that, savoring every moment, every minute they can.

Specialist Torrence Montgomery returned from his second tour in Iraq with pictures, and a collection of new stories. "Got my name on this side of it. PFC Montgomery right there," said Torrence as he looks through pictures on his computer, "That's my whole team."

"That is one of Saddam bunker's up there. We used to sit on sit up there and tell stories," said Torrence.

He first went to Iraq in June of 2005. He stayed for one year. He was then stationed in Georgia, for training. Heading back to Iraq, again, in March. This homecoming was very special. 

"You start missing certain things you know showers...just the little stuff in life," said Torrence, "There is no better feeling to realize that you are not over there. You are not in harms way anymore. You got your family loving arms around you just praying for you."

Torrence is a son, a husband, and a father of four.

"It's hard to see him go but I know that he can do it. That he has the strength to do it." said Kay Montgomery, Torrence's Mother.

"Being away from my kids. Having to explain to them where im going that daddy is doing his job." said Torrence.

His job, over there, is very dangerous. Torrence looks for IED's or explosive devices. In the past three months his unit has lost thirteen.

"They are your brothers sisters. You realize that they died doing their job and you have to carry on. You have to finish what they didn't finish," Torrence told KLTV.

He says despite negative public sentiment, regarding America in Iraq, he does see an end.

"I don't know when its going to come. But there is an end and we are going to stay there until our job is accomplished, until the Iraqi people are able to stand on their own two feet," said Torrence, "Just keep supporting us. Realize what we are doing over there has a meaning. 

The whole group surrounding him, one leading the prayer. "We pray right now Lord God that you would continue to lead guide and direct him in all that he does."

With his family and friends, Torrence wants East Texans to pray for all the troops.

"In the mighty name of Jesus we pray and ask it all. Amen."

Torrence returns to Iraq this Sunday, on Father's Day.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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