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Tyler Eagle Scout Stands Out Earning Rare Accomplishment

"I really didn't think I would get this much attention," says Jeff Kamel.

Maybe that's because the 18-year-old showed his extreme ambition at such a young age. He joined the Boy Scouts in the first grade.

And when most scouts earn the major milestone of Eagle rank at the age of 17 or 18, Jeff was barely a teenager as an Eagle Scout.

"I earned it at the bleak age of 13 in the 8th grade. I'll admit I was really immature when I got it. After I got it I started realizing more and more how fortunate enough I was to get it at such a young age," says Jeff.

It pushed him to explore another part of scouting advancement by earning merit badges.

122 different categories challenged Jeff's knowledge and skill. His favorites,"Personal Management and that teaches you how to spend your money and save your money. Another one is Family Life. You have to spend time with your family and make activities for your family to do."

Jeff adds, "You have to spend like a six month period and you have to keep up with it or else you won't get the merit badge."

Jeff's accomplishment of getting all the merit badges is very rare. But something he says anyone can do.

"Don't have that 'what if?' feeling. Just do it and accomplish it and you're not going to regret it," encourages Jeff.

And with the values and leadership skills he plans to share with those that come after him, the future is in very good hands.

It took Jeff five years to get all the merit badges. He just turned 18, so he's no longer a scout.

He plans on attending UT-Tyler in the fall and is interested in business management or marketing.

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