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Thousands Worth of Newspaper Racks Left on Roadside

Over twelve thousand dollars worth of newspaper racks and a vending machine left on the side of the road. They were found in Tyler off Spur 364 on Greenbriar Road near a creek bed, just half a mile from Lindsey Park.

The actual crime happened over two years ago. Twenty four Dallas Morning News racks, one Longview News-Journal rack, and a Coca-cola vending machine, left on the side of the road.

"We really don't have anything yet as far as where they came from, how long they have been gone, where they have been for the past two years. We don't have any of that information. All we have at the present time is found property."

The Smith County Sheriff's Department was notified Sunday of the dumping. The deputy said it appeared they had been pried into a long time ago.

That's what Ben Lafton with the Longview News-Journal found, when he came to pick up their property. "There is still money in there. When loaded it up you could hear the quarters jingling. They may have gotten some money," said Ben. 

Ben also told KLTV the rack is worth almost $500, and the paper inside from November 2004.

"Came out here and get the rack off the side of the road and we will contact the Smith County Sheriff's Department when I get back to the office and file a report,"  said Ben, "This is what happens they steal them and dump them in the middle of the road somewhere. They throw the bed of the trunk open and hit the gas and go flying."

"It's way more of a hassle than a financial benefit to steal em and drag them and dump them out here," said Ben.

The Dallas Morning News rack papers dated back to 2004. The paper said they filed a report but they were never found, until now.

"It will take quite awhile. We will assign a deputy to it and start researching and interviewing other police agencies to find out where these came from," said Sheriff Smith.

A crime for a few cents that to many seems so senseless.

The Dallas Morning News plans to remove its racks Wednesday morning.

Coca-cola has picked up its vending machine. They told KLTV 7 their machine was stolen over a year ago from a family dollar in Tyler.

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