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Winnsboro Woman's Store Offers Variety Of Western Decor Items

It's the way she identifies herself and the way she brands her store.  The store is called the "Redneck Ranch" and it's located at 211 North Main St. in Winnsboro.  It's right on Highway 37. Today, KLTV 7 News talked to the owner about what she sells and the people who come from all over the country for a visit.

"Everybody called me a redneck all my life so when someone aske me what are you gonna call your business, I said, 'Redneck Ranch'," said Redneck Ranch owner Nancy Lynn.

Nancy opened the Redneck Ranch in Winnsboro three years ago.  The store features all sorts of western décor items, where people can go and find items you won't find anywhere else.  Nancy says there's something for everybody in any price range.  "Even if you come in once a week, you'll see many new items and many new things," said Nancy.

Nancy hand-makes many of the items in the store herself: The crosses on the walls, the signs and her brand-name candles and special sauces.  "My theme is 'Dang That's Good'," said Nancy.

Her mother helps run the store and her son also makes some of the items as well.  "My son's a welder and he decided to make something out of horseshoes.  And he came up with the frames and he can build them singles, doubles, triples however you want them," said Nancy.

Most of the other items in Nancy's stores are hand-made from local artists, so she prides herself in knowing that she's helping out the economy here.  Customers we spoke with drove a long way to get to the "Redneck Ranch".

"We came to Winnsboro one day, came in and we've been regulars ever since," said Plano resident Bob Terrell.  "If I come back in the area from Oklahoma, I would definitely come again," said Judy Brikes of Norman, OK.

Nancy says the store is so successful, that she's opened one in Paris, TX.  She wants to open five more stores. 

Nancy does not have a website, so you can only get her stuff by going to her store or by giving them a call.  Now, we want you to know, Nancy has a section in the store that's labeled "censored" where she carries some humorous items, some of them labeled with language that's a little salty.  We thought you like to know that, just in case you take your children with you.

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.


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