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Gladewater Roundup Rodeo Heats Up

It's the second night of the Gladewater Roundup Rodeo tonight, as thousands of rodeo fans enjoying top notch performances by cowboys from all over the country.

Organizers say the contestants are in terrific shape and not just anyone who can walk into an arena and do what "real" rodeo cowboys do.

With the 70th annual round-up in full swing, fans are getting the best from top notch cowboys who've come from all over the U.S. and Canada to compete at the arena....

"These are athletes these are just like your football players and basketball players baseball players, they do work out" said Gladewater Rodeo Association member Bobby Rodgers.

There is a certain skill and agility level required, in tackling animals stronger and faster than we are.

"if you're not in shape you can't do this" Rodgers says.

And today's cowboys are definitely athletes, running, lifting weights, strength training...

"You have to work at it, you don't just jump out there and rope a calf throw a steer or ride a bull or a bronc. You have to work at it, it takes years to fine tune that to be able to rodeo" rodgers says.

The rodeo continues through Saturday.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting

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