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City Of Longview Asking For Your Slogans

The City of Longview has made finding their next slogan "pure and simple."  They've launched a website where you can submit as many suggestions for the city's next tagline as you can think of. 

"Longview--East Texas, Pure and Simple" was the tagline unveiled with much excitement back in March and then nixed after it was discovered two other cities used it. But now the phrase everyone's talking about is

"We've gone through some of the horror already, so now let's have some fun with the whole process," says Longview Mayor Jay Dean.

And with that came the website, a place where anyone and everyone can submit their slogan ideas. Mayor Dean says one thing to keep in mind: Longview as the "hub" of East Texas.

"Many, many people in our region of Texas consider Longview to be the real East Texas, if you will, we're just trying to get that," he says.

With Thursday's launch of the new website and KLTV receiving several emails of your ideas, we decided to hit the streets and find out what some East Texans think Longview's next slogan should be.  Here are a few: 

"Longview: The Texas City"

"Longview: Moving Forward."

"Longview: It's Where The Trees Are."

"Longview: Family First."

"Longview: It's The Best Of The Best.

"Longview: Rather Be Here Than Anywhere."

We could on and on, but you only have 30 days to submit your idea. After that, a committee will narrow it down to three suggestions and then the public will vote for the winning slogan. It could be yours!

We've made finding the website very easy to find. Just go to our homepage, about halfway down, you'll see the icon for "Brand Longview."  Just click there to share your thoughts and your slogans.

If you do not have a computer, you can mail or drop off your suggestions at Longview City Hall on Cotton Street.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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