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Thousands Of Grasshoppers Swarm East Texas Couple's Property

The past few days have really been a pest to deal with for an East Texas couple.  Their home outside of Canton on FM 47 as been swarmed by grasshoppers.  The couple is desperately trying to get the problem under control.

Swarms of grasshoppers have been making themselves at home here since Tuesday.  The Raz's say they've been living out here for nearly 25 years.  They say the insects are a seasonal nuisance, but this year has been particularly bad.  "We've been fighting them for nine years. It was a phenomenal thing. I don't know if we'll have that again," said Pat Raz. 

The Raz's garden, which they planted in February, has been destroyed by the insects.  Jerry has been spraying their 10-acre property trying to kills the insects.  "We were out here with fly swatters.  We would use anything, tennis rackets, anything that would flatten them out," said Pat.  

Mrs. Raz says she's worried that even thought she and her husband are spending all this time spraying their property, the grasshoppers from this field just keep on going to their location.

The spray has been doing its job but the dead grasshoppers are now attracting vultures.  The grasshoppers have the Raz's staying indoors.  Any noise makes Pat jump.  But through it all Pat and Jerry have one bit of advice:  "Spray and pray, that's all I can say," said Pat.

Oralia Ortega, Reporting. 

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