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06/07/07-Cherokee County

One Restaurant Repeats Worse Performance On Inspection

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant
201 W. San Antonio
inspected May 2nd

Foods were not cooled to safe temperature fast enough.  Raw meat was stored above milk... that's a contamination danger.  Hand sink had dirty dishes stacked in it.  Drink nozzles were dirty.  There were several plumbing problems.   No sanitizer in dishwasher, and there was no hand soap at several sinks.  Also, window cleaner and medications stored above food.

Total demerits: 41

The Hot Biscuit
1407 E. Rusk
inspected May 22

Gravy was not held at proper hot-hold temperature,  a handsink was missing a handle, the ice machine had a "pinkish substance" on it, and at least five live flies were seen in the kitchen.

Total demerits: 22

Morgan Palmer, Reporting

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