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7500 Catfish Released Into Lake Tyler

Lake Tyler, now back to it's full glory water level wise, has long been known as a good bass fishing lake. But, Texas Parks & Wildlife has teamed up with the city of Tyler, to get down and dirty, to make it a good catfish lake as well. Thousands of legal-sized channel catfish ready to fry up in a pan. Oh, but they aren't being harvested for dinner. They are about to be released into Lake Tyler for the benefit of East Texas anglers.

"Usually when we stock catfish in area lakes, they're an inch, inch and-a-half long," explained Texas Parks & Wildlife fisheries technician Jeff Boling.  "And what happens is, this lake is so clear, and so abundant with predator fish, that the catfish doesn't make it past the legal size."

So, to give the catfish a fighting chance, Texas Parks & Wildlife and the city of Tyler, raise the catfish in holding ponds for an entire year. When they get to be about 10 to 12 inches long, the fish are gathered up, taken to a specially built fish shoot, and set free.

"It's real relaxing fishing," said Boling.  "You don't have to go out and put a lot of effort into it. Set a couple of lines out, set a couple of fishing rods out on your boat and sit back and relax and have something to take home and eat."

Nearly 30,000 legal sized catfish have been released into lake Tyler over the past three years. They plan to add about 7,500 more every year.

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