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District Offers Entire High School Curriculum Online For Summer

School has let out for kids across East Texas, but for some students, it's time to hit the books again--for summer school. But one East Texas school district is giving kids a chance to brush up on their studies without missing their vacation.

Believe it or not, soon-to-be Senior Sarah Freeman isn't just watching TV and surfing the net, she's actually going to school.  

"I just like it a lot because it's all about me, pretty much and it's my time and nobody else's," says Sarah.

She's talking about a new program Pine Tree High School is piloting this summer, called Novel/Stars.  Twenty courses, ranging from science to math, are completely online and self-paced.  Students just have to be in the lab this first week and for the tests.

"You can actually work on this program if you went to Florida with your family, you can take a laptop log in and do some course work while you're sitting in fFlorida," says summer school  Principal Jerry Gore.

Sarah is enrolled in English IV.  She's taking it to get ahead, hoping to graduate in December.

"My course was supposed to be over two months and I'm already almost to my first semester exam and it's only the second day so I'm pretty much doing fine," she explains.

And upcoming Junior Alicia Taylor says it's working for her too.  She's re-taking Algebra II.  

"I just always felt like I was getting behind if I didn't understand anything I didn't want to ask the teacher because I didn't want to interrupt the class and go back and go over it again so I like this cause if I have any questions I can just go back and read it," she says.

It's a way to make summer school a lot less "school-ly" and a lot more "summer-ry".

"It's sounds kinda lame, I'm gonna go to summer school and it's going to be fun, but it really is just go at your own pace," Alicia adds.

Another cool thing about the program is that it's open to students from other districts, not just Pine Tree. Registration for the first session is closed, but there are still spots for the second one that starts July 2. Contact Pine Tree High School for more information.

The cost is $125, the same amount as a regular summer school course.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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