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Kenyan Artist A Hit At Alleyfest

A Kenya-born artist who now makes her home in East Texas has people at Longview's Alleyfest taking notice of her art work.  Rael Atieno Eckenroed makes sculptures, jewelry and sandals.

The artist handcrafts the items using bone, polished wood and bamboo, all shipped to her from her family in Kenya.  Her passion for design is more than art.  Rael uses proceeds from her work to support her family still living in Kenya.

"But the satisfaction is in knowing that I'm keeping my culture.  I'm keeping my tradition and communicating every day with the people back home you know and when they're doing this work their also getting some financial benefit from it," said Rael.

Rael has been in the united states for four years.  She's been a vendor at Alleyfest for the last two years.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.



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