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Thousands Left In The Dark After Storm

The storm that tore through East Texas Sunday has left a remaining mark.  More than 13,000 people were without power in East Texas.  The hardest hit areas were Tyler, Palestine, and Lufkin. Crews are continuing to work. However, it has been a frustrating day for many left in the dark.

Wind gusts, and heavy rain moved through leaving many with more than just wet ground. The power's out for thousands of frustrated East Texans.

"It was about 11:20 and there was a boom and that was the end of it," said Shirlene Eats whose power was knocked out.  "I've been calling the power company. They kept saying four o'clock.  Then four o'clock came and we still don't have any. They say now they don't know when it'll be turned back on."

Andy Anderson was out driving to get away from the heat. "The only source of electricity we have is from this.  This isn't south Florida we don't have a generator so we just took the pup out in the car we got the AC blasting," said Andy.

TXU has called in crews and servicemen from Dallas to help in repairing the damages. However, they say it is going to be a long slow process.

For the thousands without power they are realizing how much power is taken for granted.

"The people across the street it's a big inconvenience for them. They had to go to his fathers in chandler because they have a little baby newborn baby plus two little ones a two and three year old. They went up there because of the outage."

"It is an inconvenience. You can't do anything you can't cook. All you can do is sit and watch the TV and hope that it comes back on,"said Shirlene, "You don't realize how much you use and need it until you loose it and when that bill comes in this summer I swear I'm not going to complain."

TXU does not have an estimated time when power will be restored.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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