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6/2/07-Cherokee County

East Texas Plant Has Turned Into A Dog Dumping Ground

Dozens of starving dogs roam the land near an East Texas plant.   To those that live and work near H&M Crates in Dialville, just south of Jacksonville, the plant has become a dumping ground for dogs.  Now, an East Texas woman is doing everything she can to save them.  

Everyday for the past three months, Pat Phlieger of Dialville has stopped at H&M Crates to feed dozens of starving dogs.  

"I didn't know how many there were until I started feeding them, and they just started coming out from all over," said Phlieger.  Phlieger lives just down the street from the plant and says it's hard to drive to work and see the dogs, some too weak to even stand up.

"It's sad because the amount of suffering that goes on here every single day with these dogs is just unreal," said Phlieger. "There was a female dog who had puppies out here, and oh within two or three weeks, two of the puppies were dead on the road."

Pat says people have been dumping their dogs at the plant for years, but says it has to stop.  That's why she called authorities.   "Cherokee County doesn't have animal control, so they didn't really have any suggestions," said Phlieger. 

Frustrated and saddened by what she's forced to look at everyday, Pat says she hopes someone will help.  "Some of them are just so friendly, and they just need love and attention," said Phlieger. "You know, I can't take them all. How do I differentiate between taking one and leave the other."

Right now, Pat says she will continue to stop at the plant everyday, giving the dogs all the love and attention one person can give.

Molly Reuter, Reporting. mreuter@kltv.com


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