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Soldier Home After Second Iraq Tour

      It was a big welcome home for an east Texas soldier, back after a second tour in Iraq.   It's a scene that's familiar to us from generations, as the Kelly family was anxiously waiting at the Gregg county regional airport for a soldier to come home from war. 27 year old army sergeant Cededric Hill, or Spanky as his family and friends call him, is home after his second tour in Iraq.

    "It feels good to be home doing things like this people that love you it's always good to see people that love you" says Hill.

     "I saw him get off that plane and I said here comes my baby, I was really happy, really happy to see him" said hill's mother Debra Kelly.

      Hill is part of bravo 282 field artillery. He's a veteran of Iraq and Kosovo, but like many, he was pulled away from their specialty to do the dangerous job of patrolling for enemy forces.

    "Since the war has gone on extensively they've started to use more and more different fields to help the infantry out in getting this mission accomplished" Hill says.

   "So I'm on pins and needles until, especially when I hear a fatality that happens over there" says Debra.

     And like his comrades, hill is unsure of how long he'll be stationed in Iraq.

   "We don't know exactly when or how long we'll be extended, there is a possibility that we could be extended from 30 days up to 90 days. Regardless of how you feel about soldier's being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan we are still soldiers , support us" says the sergeant.

    "When he joined the army is supported him and I'm still going to support him" Debra says.

    For right now he's just glad to be home.

    "I have two weeks to regenerate, recuperate from what I've seen what I've done and then prepare myself to go back and continue that" says Hill.

    One day this war, like all wars will be over, and hill hopes everyone will have a homecoming like his. Hill's homecoming present from his mother was a home cooked breakfast. He will head back to Iraq on June 15th.

Reported By Bob Hallmark: .

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