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Now Is The Time To Prepare For Hurricane Season

Tropical storm Barry has formed in the southeast Gulf of Mexico.

The American Red Cross says there's no better time than now to be ready for the hurricane season. The most important thing to do is make an emergency kit.

It should include first aid, a radio, flashlights with batteries, important medications, non-perishable foods and water.

The Red Cross in Smith County says discussing a plan is also important in case you have to evacuate.

"They need to have contact numbers. One person they're going to call if they're not together and they can figure out that everyone is okay. And then build a kit which is the emergency supplies," says Lisa Hoover, Emergency Services Director for the Smith County Chapter of the American Red Cross.

The Red Cross has also increased the number of local shelters for evacuees. There are now 15 shelters that can hold 3,000 people.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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