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5/31/07-Clarksville City

Fire Destroys Family's Home

Three fire departments try to save an East Texas family's home while flames engulf the house It happened Thursday morning in the 600 block of Pelphrey Drive in Clarksville City. That's just east of Gladewater.   The family says they have no idea what caused the blaze that changed their life in an instant.

An East Texas couple drops their two daughters off at school and then heads for work, but minutes later, they get a call saying their house is on fire

"You get up in the morning and everything's fine, two hours later seems like the worlds ended," says homeowner George McKay.

Already at work, the homeowners rush back. The woman gets in a minor car accident on the way there.

"When she found out she was on the way here, she spun her car out of control and wrapped it around a pole," McKay says.

Fortunately, she was not hurt, but distraught to find everything her family owned destroyed, up in flames. It took three fire crews from Clarksville, Gladewater and White Oak about an hour to put out the blaze. 

"It was a very hot fire, it went up very quick," says Billy Silvertooth Junior.

He's the Clarksville City Manager who first spotted the fire, saying he saw a thick cloud of black smoke across the street.

"I got in my truck and went to see where the fire was coming from and finally found out it was our neighbors living across the street their house was engulfed in flames," says Silvertooth.

He adds the small community is reaching out, accepting any monetary or clothing donations for the family. As for them, fortunately, they have relatives in town.

Firefighters do not know the cause of the fire. We've been told the Gregg County Fire Marshal will be on scene Friday to investigate. If you'd like to make a donation to the family, contact Clarksville City offices.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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