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5/31/2007-East Texas

Mosquitos Are Out and Biting

Day after day of wet weather in East Texas There is a lot of good that's going to come from that, and a little problem; with a big bite. We're talking about "mosquitos", of course they are not just a nuisance, they can carry potentially deadly diseases. 

Hailie Gilbert, age 11, told KLTV, "I don't like mosquitos. I go outside all the time and play with my dogs and mosquitos are everywhere."

However, many in East Texas have learned to deal with them 

 "We try to come at a good time when we think the mosquitos wont be a big deal. It is kinda of a big deal when we bring the kids out here sun block and bug spray," Amber Danner-Kirk told KLTV, "Puddles are everywhere.There is nothing you can really do about it."

"Despite our best efforts we can't create a mosquito free environment," Gary Chambers Smith county Vector Control Field Supervisor. He and many others in vector control make it their job to fight back. "I know next week mosquitos are going to come back with a vengence," Gary told KLTV.

Standing water like this where its 18-inches or less is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos because they need warm stagnant water to reproduce.

"It takes a few days for the larva to develop," said Gary.

They lay their larvae in puddles of water and in just a week several hundred mosquitos.

"They can reproduce faster than we can kill them," said Gary.

"We are going to use insect growth regulator, we are going to use the larva side oil, and then we are going to have the truck come through with a fogger and also try to kill the adults," Gary told KLTV "So we don't do just one thing. We've got different approaches to come at the mosquito from different angles."

Wat can you do: eliminate any kind of standing water around your house, change out the water in bird baths and pet water bowls every two or three days

"Just make it so there is not an environment where the mosquitos can reproduce," said Gary.

Reproduction meets more opportunity for disease, and then the bite has a lot more sting.

Smith County will be spraying the fogger tonight from 11 pm till 6 am. They will do this every two weeks until July, then it'll be every week.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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