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Baby Born Four Months Premature Goes Home

An East Texas preemie had a rough start entering the world.  The baby's mother was five months pregnant when doctors determined her high-blood pressure was putting her life and the baby's life at risk.

Zorianna looks like a normal baby but she's not the size of a normal four-month-old.  This little girl spent the first few months of her life in the hospital.  "To me it was a miracle because I didn't think she was gonna survive that long.  She was very small.  At Baylor Hospital, she was the smallest baby they ever take care of," said Luisa Allison. 

Allison, Zorianna's mother, says she had to have a C-section after doctors told her, her high blood pressure could kill them both.  "It was scary for me at first and I didn't realize that she can come out that early," said Allison.

Luisa says Zorianna weighed one pound one ounce when she was born.  She says she was really scared because she never heard of a baby being born so pre-maturely. 

Luisa says doctors at Baylor University Medical Center were amazed that Zorianna survived. "She's the smallest one that was born up there to be taken care of.  She was one pound, one ounce.  Most babies, are two pounds to three pounds," said Allison.

Zorianna underwent several surgeries, one for her heart, and she had to spend four months in the hospital in an incubator.  "They put a light on her so she could keep growing," said Allison.

Doctors say baby Zorianna could have two birthdays, January 18th, the day she was born and May 5th, the day she was due to be born.  But her mother says, she has another day to celebrate: May 2nd, the day that she actually went home from the hospital.

Luisa says Zorianna will be the size of a normal four-month-old in September, nine months after her birth.  For now, doctors are watching to make sure her eyesight is OK, since her eyes were not fully developed when she was born.

Other than that, Luisa says she hopes her baby will be able to live a normal, healthy life.  Luisa says Zorianna's medical bills total nearly $350,000.  She says medicaid is paying for it.  

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.


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