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Drag Racer Ordered To Jail; Victim's Families Say Sentence Isn't Enough

       Jail time is given to an East Texas man, already on probation for a deadly drag racing crash, but some of the victims' families say, it is not enough. David Reid was sentenced to 6 consecutive weekends in jail for drinking alcohol at a nightclub. In 2003, DPS investigators concluded that Reid and Karl Cullen of Longview were racing when Reid's truck hit a car, carrying 4 Tatum High School students.

    Jim Robberson has kept his daughter Jaicey's room exactly the way it was since the night she died.

   "She was good at cross country, she would have been a star of Tatum, Texas in cross country, cause she could run. They were darling girls with hopes and dreams" Jim says.

      Those dreams ended in September of 2003, when David Reid's truck slammed into Jaicey's car, killing her, Mackinsey Blaylock, Kasey Moraw and Reid's sister Rachel. After the wreck, David Reid and Karl Cullen were each arrested for manslaughter and drag racing. In 2005, Cullen pleaded guilty to misdemeanor racing, in exchange for testifying against Reid in his manslaughter trial. Reid was convicted of manslaughter, and both men were sentenced to probation.

      "All we want is we wanted him to do right we wanted him to make good on the consequences and he's never done that we've never seen that" said Kasey Moraw's mother , Janet Russom.

     At a hearing today, David Reid was sentenced to 6 weekends in jail for drinking on probation.

   "He is a coward! He didn't get arrested for stealing hub-caps, he killed 4 people" Robberson says.

    Parents say Reid has shown no remorse, and say the punishment does not fit the crime.

    "My daughter would be graduating college like all her other friends, she's not going to be there for that its just a very hard thing, we just want to as parents prevent this from happening to someone else, we don't want them to go through what we went through" Janet says.

Karl Cullen, the man who pleaded guilty to racing, was arrested last month on a DUI charge. His probation hearing on that charge has not been set at this time.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com 

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