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Army Dentist Inspires Clean Teeth In East Texas

Some have a mouth full of pearly whites while others have a bit of a whole in the front, but all of the students at Andy Woods Elementary took part in the 'Keep Your Teeth Clean For Dr. Maureen' tooth brushing contest.

The students kept a tooth brushing diary which was turned in for a school-wide drawing. Winners won a 10 dollar gift card to a local toy store.

Will Clonz says "I'm probably going to spend it on video games or something."

Dr. Maureen Weber came to the school to reward the students for the good hygeiene and let them try on some of her desert gear.

While she was overseas, the students sent letters to Dr. Maureen saying they were enjoying the tooth brushing challenge, and wishing her a safe return.

"They're very supportive which is very nice, and they don't know much about Iraq, but they want to know what we are eating, how we are living, and what our days are like.  'Is it boring?' They're curious about what our life is like in Iraq," says Dr. Weber.

Now that she's back, everyone is all smiles.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting:


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