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Boy Claims He Killed 1,000 Pound Hog, Some Skeptical

The 11-year-old Alabama boy has quite a claim to fame.

He said he took his .50 caliber pistol, and bagged the biggest pig ever found.

"When I first saw it, we were walking down this hill to see if we could find it.  We saw it, and man, it was, it looked like a hippopotamus. It was huge!" said Jamison Stone in a CNN interview.

His father says the pig topped out at 1,051 pounds and 9 feet 4 inches from snout to tail. 

It's hit the Internet with Jamison's father setting up a website where you can learn all about it, see more pictures, and even buy an autographed photo.

"We had three guns aimed at that pig the whole time," father Mike Stone said.

The tale has started the Internet blogs on the topic.  Some think that Jamison's pig is a bunch of swill.

One blogger told ABC News says, "I'm thinking there's someone sitting behind a computer out there having a bit of a giggle at everyone's expense."

Another wrote, "I would have to see and smell the pig to make sure that it is real!"

Many others say they've seen big hogs too, and just haven't been able to catch them.

Jamison says he wasn't that scared.

"What did you think when you saw it?" asked a reporter.

Jamison said, "I hope I hit this thing so it doesn't run at me!"

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