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5/28/2007-East Texas

What East Texans Did On Memorial Day...

For many East Texans Memorial day was a day off work. Many hit the mall for the sales, the movies, even the lake. For many, it was more than just another holiday.

"I love it. My one day off work I think I have three over the years and get to spend a little time with the kids and everything."

"We're just going to go home and barbeque. Play a little more at the house. We live just down the street. You can't have the lake and not bring the dog and the kids out here."

Heather Blaylock was at the lake she said, "We are off of work and having a good time with our friends. Eating some hot dogs."

Jacob Blsquez, age 8 said "We decided to come to this place and swim. Pretty much."

Many East Texans utilized this Memorial Day to remember the fallen soldiers.

"We want to remember them and so many people forget. They don't even know what memorial day is all about," Jim Huie said. "(I'm just) trying to remember those who have given their lives and those who are now serving. That's what Memorial Day is all about. (We) remember those who are brave enough to put their lives on the line everyday."

"I feel sorry for all those soldiers over there," said Irene Lusk. "I saw all their graves. It makes you so sad that so many of them have to give their lives... but I appreciate them saving our lives."

"It's a very special day for me. (I went) shopping this morning and this afternoon we have special plans," Randy Garvin said. "I have two sons in the military I have son that's a captain in the Air Force and I have a son that's a Second Lieutenant in Army. Both of them are serving the country and I served the country and I served my country for 28 years."

 "This afternoon my wife and I are heading out to the chandler cemetery. It's kind of a quiet reflective time for me away from my sons and for my country,"Randy said.

He remembers those fallen in past wars: "It's always something very tough you have to stand there swallow deep and hard to get through when they do the Air Force flyby and the missing man formation. Its something you carry with you forever." Randy said, "I want to say I'm part of this, and this is what I stood for."

So, whether choosing to spend Memorial Day at the lake, shopping, at the movies, or just hanging out at home one veteran said all they want is to be remembered.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com

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