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Van Community Library Book Drive

It was a community wide event involving all of the Van Schools and many other local libraries. A plea for the Van Community Library to be accredited. It all started with one woman, Kris Henry's dream.

To the students of J.E. Rhodes Elementary School she's known simply as Mrs. Henry.

"I came up with this book drive because the library it is not accredited and they need 10 000 books to become accredited and start applying for funds, said Mrs. Henry.

Last year doctors found a brain tumor. They removed it but have had to do multiple surgeries to remove a recurring infection.

Mrs. Henry is using this tough situation for good. "About that time I went to a plastic surgeon to found out I had to get a prosthetic plate in my head for my next surgery and the best thing for me to do was shave my head." Mrs. Henry told KLTV, "I thought how can I really turn this bad thing into a good.

"I thought ill go ahead and tell them about another incentive. We explained to them that I had to have another surgery that if they would bring books and that I already had  to shave my head that I would be willing to shave it in front of them," said Mrs. Henry.

Book by book the children brought them.

"I think I wanted to watch her so I brought some books a bunch of books," said Cody "Captain" Pickett, age 7.

"I brought books so I can help Mrs. Henry get better and do the library and also because I wanted to help with the library and the books," said Kayla Kavanaugh, age 8.

"I'd much rather shave it in front of them with their support not sitting in front of the mirror crying," said Mrs. Henry.

The big day finally arrived. Mrs. Henry had her head shaved after the children brought in over 7,000 books.

"They are good caring kids and I'm just glad to be part of this community and this school I wouldn't be anywhere else." said Mrs. Henry.

So many worked so hard to support Mrs. Henry during this time and are starting a new chapter at a new library.

The Van Community Library received donations from many neighboring libraries including Canton, Lindale, Mineola, Grand Saline.....and will become accredited.      Additionally the Kiwanis will be doing a reading program at the library all summer long.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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