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East Texan: Can't Leave My House Cause Of High Gas Prices

High gas prices are forcing some East Texans to re-think parts of their everyday lives. Because of that, we've been asking you to tell us how the gas prices have impacted your life.  One East Texas woman says the cost has gotten so high, she can't even leave her house.

When Martha Copeland of Kilgore gets home from work, she stays home

"I don't go anywhere else, I sit right here in this house," she says.

And she says it's all because gas prices are just too high to go anywhere, but work.

"At night you go to bed and gas down the street is $2.99, you wake up the next morning, it's $3.04, just overnight it's gone that high."

She's set aside $45 every two weeks for gas, but that doesn't take her nearly as far as it used to.

"I was on the road all the time, I was going to my sister's, my mom's, everywhere, I'd go to Longview shopping, out to eat, and not think anything about it because $45 six months ago would buy a lot of gas," she explains.

But now she's having to cut back on visiting family and even on buying all her groceries.

"The other bills continue on, you know, the bank isn't going to cut your payment because the gas bill went up, they're not going to do that. SWEPCO's not going to cut their electricity bill for you because the gas went up, so those continue on and the prices go up and up and up," Martha says.

But what worries Martha most is that she's having to cut herself off from others.

"Who wants to be on medication for depression when it'd be so simple to just go and out and be around people, but to be around people, you gotta have the gas to get there."

Martha says she's just hoping for some relief at the pump soon, but if it gets bad enough she says she'll just have to walk to work.

Again, we want to hear how gas prices are changing your day-to-day lives. You can e-mail us at gasprices@kltv.com and tell  us what you're doing differently.

Tracy Watler/Reporting: tracy@kltv.com

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