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More Than 300 Pounds Lighter, East Texan's Success To Weight Loss

As a child, Nancy Hawkins was a picture of health, but during her teenage years she noticed a dear friend was much thinner than she was.

"She was awful small, and I would watch how her blue jeans fit her," says Hawkins.

By 22, the mother of three was spiraling out of control and tipping the scales at more than 300 pounds. On several occasions, Nancy lost a significant amount of weight, but it always came back. Then, at 34 and weighing 468 pounds, her doctor recommended a risky gastric bypass.

"It was a chance that I was willing to take. If it meant dying, I didn't feel I had much to live for anyway," says Nancy.

She lost 100 pounds with the surgery, but still, she was considerably obese. It wasn't until 12 years later that she would embark on a personal rescue mission to reclaim her life and her health losing a total of 320 pounds.

"I had been desperate before.  That's what lead me to surgery.  This time T decided that I was going to cure myself spiritually, mentally and physically.

Slowly, the well-rounded approach started working.  The pounds started melting away, and Nancy could finally see all the things she'd missed out on.

"There's one picture of me sitting and eating at my eight year old daughters' birthday party, and when I saw that picture and actually looked at it now, I thought, 'where's my daughter at?'  This was her party and her mother is just sitting there gorging and gorging," says Nancy.

"My daughter is grown, but now, we go walk together. We do activities together, and I try to make up for lost time with my children."

Nancy has written a book and is reaching out to local schools hoping that by sharing her story, others can make it their own.

Nancy also is the wellness coordinator at The People's Health and Wellness Clinic in Tyler and the founder of the non-profit Heavy Duty Plus.

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