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Student Build and Wire Doll-Sized Houses

Some local high school students are learning how to install electrical wiring in their home, but they're starting small.  Wednesday, Longview High School physics students showed off the electrical work they did inside these doll-sized model homes, demonstrating the three types of electrical circuits. The students had to build the house out of cardboard, furnish it and then install the wiring.  

"I learned that it's more difficult than it seems, you can't just hook wires wherever you want to, batteries and lights and have it work out.  Our group was very creative and they wanted to put it together in a way that was very nice so we did our best to put the lights in lampshades and just make it look like an actual house," says Lauren Konvalin, an LHS junior.

Those students who went the extra mile on their homes got some bonus points for creativity.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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