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Convenience Store Robbed At Gunpoint, On Tape

Gunfire in a Longview convenience store Tuesday night.  Police say the Shamrock American Food Mart, on Estes Parkway was robbed at gunpoint just before midnight Tuesday.  KLTV 7 obtained exclusive surveillance video from the robbery. You can see two black males wearing masks enter the store, one armed with a shotgun. The other jumps over the counter and steals the cash register drawer. Before they leave, the armed gunman fires a shot above the clerks' heads, leaving pellet holes in the ceiling and busting a lightbulb.

Mike Mazher, a store clerk, says, "we never expected that they going to shoot the bullets or something, we said they're going to take the money, probably he's scared or something that's why he shot I mean it hit the lights and all that, but we made it though, Thank God, money you can replace, but not life."

Police have arrested Jonathan Earl Jenkins in connection with the robbery, but they are looking for a second man. If you have any information, contact Longview Police.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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