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Open X: "Does It Work?"

"Does it Work?" is still on a quest to find a product that can open those hard plastic retail packages. We understand why manufacturers have to theft proof their packages.  We just wish the honest people who pay for them, didn't have to work so hard to get to the product out when they get it home.   So, two weeks after giving one product in this category a "no," (the iSlice) "Does it Work?" tries again.   We put The Amazing Open X to the "Does it Work?" test.

The Open X is essentially a specialized box cutter.  It has a retractable blade and a special hook nose that contains another razor blade.

It comes all together on a sturdy handle with a nice natural grip shape. 

The instructions are easy.  Cut a slice in the plastic packaging by pushing out the retractable blade.  On this first cut, you pull the Open X back toward you.

Then, simply stick the hook nose end of the Open X in the opening you just created and push.  The second, internal razor blade does the rest.

We tried it on all shapes and sizes of hard plastic packaging and the Open X worked every time.

"Does It Work?"  We give the Open X a "yes."

The Open-X also opens CDs, DVDs, and, as you can imagine, it is also a pretty good box opener. They're available online and at Walgreen's for just under ten dollars.

Joe Terrell, Reporting

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