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7 On Your Side: Couture Ka-Ching!

It used to be that high end fashion was reserved for the stars or for those with deep pockets! But not anymore!

"Stella McCartney, Roland Mouret, Proenza Schouler, have been snagged up by big stores and made accessible to the public," says eBay style director Constance White.

Big stores like Target, H&M and The Gap...all known for affordable fashion.

The result? Easily accessible designer duds. One of the latest lines? Madonna's for H&M.

"I'm curious to see what else she comes out with," says one shopper. "I'm surprised to see like the cashmere and the high end materials."

And you may be surprised at the retail pricing!

"Here you have a situation where you have designers whose work, their clothing, would normally sell for hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, whose wares are now available for just $50 or $100," says White.

A steal for the savvy shopper who loves labels. But retail expert Bob Phibbs says...there is a hitch!

"They're limited edition. They're the hottest thing, and they're only available for a short time," says Phibbs.

Four to six weeks tops igniting a frenzy for these fashions.

Though it's tough to tell which items will be style gems, shoppers like Triss Budoff are buying carts full of clothes, belts and bags right when they hit the floor.

Budoff says, "My main thing is to shop for things that I could resell on ebay."

Hoping to make a tidy profit once the stores sell out. Triss went to six different Target locations to buy wares she could auction off!

"I think I ended up spending about $2,000 on Proenza Schouler things. Then I was looking at Rafe handbags," says Budoff.

It's an international trend that eBay has been monitoring closely.

White adds, "In the case of an item by Madonna, there was a trench coat which sold in H&M for around $99. On eBay, it sold for almost twice as much."

And we recently found it at more than $300!

How do the stores feel about people stocking up and cashing in? Both Target and H&M tell us they place no limit on purchases and there are no laws against selling clothes on the secondary market.

So, why are bidders willing to pay double and triple what's on the tag?

Phibbs explains, "They're like a collector's status now. It's that one time. They know that there's only so many that were made."

But timing is everything. If you don't buy and post at the right time, you could lose big. Triss just missed the peak of the Proenza Schouler frenzy, but still made a small profit.

"I just thought it was an awesome experience. Now, when the next designer comes out, I will be hot and ready to strike!," says Budoff.

Target's newest guest designer, Patrick Robinson, debuted his designs nationwide May 6th.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com 

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