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Mandatory Court Date For Tyler Juveniles And Their Parents

  Tyler students called to their schools' office, and then taken directly to see a judge.  It's a part of a program called the Juvenile Round Up. Monday morning, children and teenagers who failed to appear in court for an offense, or who disregarded a judge's orders were taken to the Smith County Courthouse. 
  Cam McCabe, the Administrator for the Tyler Municipal Court, told KLTV, for many it's an appointment long overdue.  "We started a new juvenile program earlier in the year, and it really makes no sense to put that much effort and counseling [in] with these kids if we're not going to enforce it.  So we're calling the kids down here, bringing the kids down here, and they're having to call their parents to come down as well."
  They told us if parents don't come willingly, they will be arrested.
  The children and teenagers are not being put in jail, they just have to face a judge with their parents.
  Officials tell us, around 60 juveniles appeared in front of a judge on Monday.

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