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5/20/2007-Payne Springs

Memorial Service for Fallen Officers

An East Texas community came together in a time of reflection and prayer to remember two of their own, lost in a tragic shooting. The small Henderson County community of Payne Springs came together to remember two fallen officers Sunday night.

61-year-old Tony Ogburn and 63-year-old Paul Habelt were killed Thursday when they responded to a domestic disturbance call.

About 500 people came and showed their support at a candlelight vigil was held Sunday night and about 500 hundred people came and showed their support.

"Encourage us that we are not alone. This is trully a somber time not just for Henderson County but across the state of Texas and literally across the United States." said County Judge David Holsten during the service "There is something to be said about a person willing to lay down his life for another."

Embrace by embrace this was a time for the community to come together. Two flower arrangements one in red and one in blue were there for Tony and Paul.

"If they just give it time. God will take the pain. There's goign to be a period of time and then God will take it away." said Bill Beck, came to show support with the Harvest Time Riders.

"It was very sad not to see his face this morning. Very sad. All I kept doing was pryaing. I kept praying for her. I just wanted the hurt to go away." said Lilly Alexander, longtime friend of Tony Ogburn.

As one of the pastors said, when something like this happens to one of us it's like it happens to all of us, and with the outpouring of support it was definitely the case.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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