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Bone Marrow Drive Held In Longview

Family and volunteers are on a desperate search for a donor match, to save a child who's fighting for his life in a Memphis hospital. Hundreds of people turned out at Pine Tree Church of Christ to get tissue typed for possible bone marrow transplant.  The effort was for 5-month-old Ethan Powell of Shreveport, who has leukemia and desperately needs a bone marrow transplant.

Part of Ethan's family lives in Longview and organized the typing drive not only for him, but for many people who are battling diseases that can be treated by marrow transplants.  "Well, we certainly want to find a match for Ethan.  He's my main priority right now but there's so many people out there that are looking every day thousands of people searching these donor registries and if this drive here in Longview doesn't help Ethan it may help someone in another part of the country or another part of the world," said Ethan's aunt, Jennifer Hildebrand.

If you missed today's drive, you are encouraged to find out more on how you can get tissue typed, by calling the Stewart Regional Blood Center in Tyler or Longview.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.


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