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Residents Reflect On Memorial, Fatal Shooting

It's a salute that unites all of Henderson County's law enforcement together as one.

Still images, courtesy of Athens Daily Review, captured moving movements from Thursday's Peace Officer's Association memorial service.

"The 21-gun salute was really fantastic. And then what happened yesterday,..." says Debbie Rampy, who watched part of the service.

Rampy owns the gift shop across the street and saw her long-time security guard Deputy Tony Ogburn from across the street.

"I waved at him because I took off for lunch early. I wish now that I got to talk to him," says Rampy.

Hours later, as we know now, Ogburn would be killed in the line of duty.

"We have a lot of employees who work for us at Christmas time. And they were all calling asking 'Was it Tony? Was it Tony.' When we heard it was two sheriff's deputies we thought oh please don't let it be Tony," says Rampy.

"Those guys put their lives on the line everyday. It's too bad they had to get ambushed like that," says Henderson County resident Jerry Reddin.

Reddin says he knew injured Deputy Kevin Harris. But it will be Ogburn's and Investigator Paul Habelt's names that will be etched in the Henderson County Peace Officer's Memorial monument in downtown Athens... where everyone can honor their sacrifice for years to come.

"I'd rather see [Ogburn] than his name," says Rampy with tears in her eyes. "He will be greatly missed."

Wreaths, with the names of the fallen deputies printed on a black sash, were placed at the memorial today.

Officers will be standing guard at the memorial for 24 hours in the victims' memory.

Christine Nelson reporting. 

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