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Injured D.P.S. Trooper Offers Advice On Coping After Shooting

Trooper Steven Stone was shot by Ramon Ramos, a suspect he had just pulled over in March of last year.  Trooper Stone spent five days in the hospital.  He continues to recover from the gunshot wounds, undergoing therapy three times a week.  

We spoke with Trooper Stone about yesterday's shooting in Payne Springs.  He says what helped his recover the most has been support from the community.  "Certainly, if the Lord was not with me that day, I would not be standing here.  I was hit three times in the neck. Had I not been wearing my vest, there are so many what ifs to say that I was just lucky," said Stone.  "He has a plan for me, that's why I'm still here. It could be as simple as I get to read a story to my little girl every night."

Trooper Stone says since the shooting on that March night, images like the ones in Payne Springs really hit close to home.   "I was pretty upset.  It seems like every other day or every other month we're hearing about another officer's been killed or another officer's been assault of shot.  It's happening more and more and it's a little disheartening," he said.

"My wife, the first thing that came out of her mouth was, she feels bad for the wives that are going to be getting the call, letting them know that their loved ones aren't coming home," said Stone.

He says the outpouring of support from the community has been vital in his recovery process. "I would say the biggest thing that's helped with my recovery overall is for people to be able to listen to me, be able to share my story with people."

And the biggest support, he says, will come from the families of these deputies' fellow officers. "My advice would be to grab on to that law enforcement family and hold on to them tightly," said Stone.  "Any time an officer goes down or is injured we all feel it and I'm here. You can call the front office at DPS in Tyler and anything I can do, do not hesitate to ask."

As far as for the officer who survived, Kevin Harris, Trooper Stone has this piece of advice:  "The thing that I would discourage other law enforcement personnel from doing is sitting back and saying whatever actions were or were not taken, that they were wrong. That could be extremely detrimental to someone who is trying to recover from something like that."

Trooper Stone has had two surgeries on his shoulder. He says he does not expect to have any more. He has returned to work but is on light duty.  He has not gone out on patrol.  He does not know when he'll be able to get to do that.  

Oralia Ortega, Reporting.


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